Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weaning Baby FAN - Part II

Baby FAN is now getting quite good at eating porridge, she eats about 2 small bowls each day. I'm not starting to plan her food. This time round, am going to try feeding her food that is cook the chinese way as I realised that for SMALL FAN, I make the mistake of feeding him based on those baby food guide, which tends to follow the western way of eating, that is, a lot of protein and vegetables and cheese. Then, when I try to get him to eat with us, we realised that he is not used to our style of eating, that is, stir fry vegetables with white rice etc and I have to correct it. So, for Baby FAN, I'm trying to follow those asian or chinese baby food guide book which is quite difficult to find. But personally I read two that I thought is quite good, they are:
(read my review page to find out more about these 2 books).

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