Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Book Review - A Healthier Diet for your Baby

This is a very old book which I borrowed from the Singapore National Library. Tried finding it from amazon and some books website but can't find it anymore. A very colourful book with lots of pictures of the food. What I like about this book is that it give a very good introduction of the different food groups like green vegetables, white vegetables, protein, meat etc and the are mostly those local vegetables that we can find in Singapore. They also provide a step by step guide on the food to cook from baby to toddler, the asian way. For example, silver fish rice gruel, steam pumpkin cake, kway teow soup etc.. And a 16 days meal plan. Highly recommend those asian parent, who like me, would prefer to have your kid eat chinese food with you, rather then having to cook a separate western dish. This is how a page looks like:


mian N bao said...

Thanks for sharing...Hope I can get hold of a copy too,as I realise most of recipes bks for toddlers are mostly western meals..

Boringtazz said...

Hope they still keep the book, I think they only have a copy in the library. Yup, totally agree with you that it's not easy getting Asian recipes for toddlers. I sometime has to use those recipes for adult and modified it to suit my boy. A lot of the Amelia Liang's book are quite good as she explain what the vegetables are good for etc and the cooking is quite simple, mainly stir fry with soy sauce. I have recommended one on Congee in one of my post.


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