Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Boosting SMALL FAN's immunity - Part V

SMALL FAN is finally free from cough after 5 long months of coughing. We brought him to a pediatrician in Bishan, an Indian doctor, she was very detail and serious looking. After checking him and asking me about his cough, she gave him a med for allergies (Cetirizine), a medicine for his Sinus (Singular), a nose spray to stabilize his nose (Nasonex)and a puff for cough and phelgm(Seretide).

Doctor say SMALL FAN has sensitive nose and skin, so we must be very diligent in keeping the house dust-mites free. She ask us to keep his room simple and dust free, soak his bedsheets in hot water before washing to kill the dust-mites and change it once a week. Doc also give us a medicine (Hydroderm) for SMALL FAN's mosquito bite (he always get big bruise after a mosquito bite), doc say he is a very sensitive kid, so a small bite can look really big due to allergies. After taking the medicine for 2 weeks, we now hardly hear him cough except for ocassionally when he has too much chocolate or french fries. His mosquito bite has gone down too with no marks (it used to leave permanent marks on him).

We are really glad, finally won the better. So all along we have been curing him wrongly, we tried to clear his lung with all the medicine but it's all in his nose, sinus. But now have to start giving him tonic to build up his health after taking so much western medicine. Doc also asked us to give him a Flu Vaccine jab as a prevention since his is so sensitive.


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