Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Gloomy Wednesday

It's a rainy day today and the weather was really cool and nice. But somehow, I just feel really gloomy as Big FAN, Small FAN & Baby FAN all caught the nasty flu bug from SMALL FAN. So, all three of them was coughing away. Small FAN seems to be getting better after taking his 3rd course of antibiotic although he still has a lot of phelgm (but at least he is able to sleep thru the night).

Baby FAN caught the flu really bad, was coughing and sneezing these 2 nights and she is refusing to drink milk as everytime she drink, her nose got block and she started choking and coughing....Poor girl, she is already so small (only 6.5 kg), now with this nasty flu, she is going to be even smaller. Yesterday, after a few attempt to breast feed her at night, I got really desperate, wake up at 5am and started to take out the the pump breast milk from the refrigerator, warm it up and feed her spoon by spoon. I think she managed to take 1 oz and started coughing again and refuse to drink anymore...sigh...Maybe like what my sis always say, I have to start praying for her to recover faster ;(

Brought her to a Doc on Monday and she was given 4 medicines, 1 for running nose & cough, 1 for lung protection, 1 for phelgm and 1 for fever. Poor girl, I need to force her to drink the medicine as she clamp her mouth shut. After the med, she got so tire that she just doze off while sitting on her walker. I wonder if the med is too strong for her...poor thing. 'm suppose to bring her down to the doc today as doc advise that she should be on the nebuliser if she is still coughing today. But I'm a little hesitate to put her thru such suffering, she is only 6 months old. I'm now hoping for the miracle of my breast milk to cure her....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Home Cleaning Tips

Was happily blogging away when I suddenly remember I was cooking Baby FAN's porridge. Sigh...smell the "Chao Ta" smell, Baby FAN's porridge is burnt and the pot is now covered with soot. So, use my secret trick of salt and vinegar again to get rid of the burnt rice, without having to scrub. This is how it's done, pour water, vinegar and salt into the burnt pot and just boil the water. The burnt rice will just come off automatically. See pic below on before and after without scrubbing. I didn't boil it for too long, need to boil longer so some stain still there. The magic of chemical reaction when vinegar & salt is boiled, cool... (see pic of before & after)

By the way, here's more household tips that I gathered along the way:
  • To get rid of vomit or urine smell: spray baking soda water (i.e. baking soda + water) into the spot and let it dry, then just dust off the powder.
  • To get rid of blood stain: Quickly rinse with cold water and wash with shampoo. Never water it with hot water as it will fixed the stain. For old stain, I think hydrogen peroxide seems to work or rather the normal NTUC Bleach seems to work for me.
  • To get rid of Super Glue from your skin, use Nail Polish Remover
  • To get rid of Pen ink on Microfibre Furniture, just rub alcohol (or anything with alcohol in it like hand sanitizer, nail polish remover etc.) on the ink stain and then blow dry it to hair dryer on cool air.
  • To get rid of yellowish stain on your airport or water boiler, pour some lemon juice or throw a few pieces of lemon into the airport and let it boil. Then let it stand for a while and pour away the water. Walla, the pot is now good as new.
  • To get rid of grease and stain in your microwave, put a cup of lemon juice and heat it up for 1 min. Then let the oven cool then and wipe the stain off with a cloth. The lemon juice help to loosen the grease.
  • more to come..he he... will add on this list when I experiment with more.


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