Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Book Review - Asian Parenting Today by Jennifer Hor, Ho Ai Ling and Jocelyn Oo

Highly recommend this book for asian new mothers. It's very easy to read as it's mostly in point form! But what is most important is that it included a lot of asian cultural practices and issues for us to consider and best of all, it provide baby meal guide "asian style". It's not easy to find a book that provide meal guide for asian baby, most of the book I read are "ang mo" style like puree avocado, puree potato etc, this book have meal like Kway teow soup, Mee sua with fish etc for baby...cool. Oh and one more thing to add, it also include asian nursery rhymes, not the incy wincy spider rhymes but those in chinese and even cantonese and hokkien. Here's one in cantonese that really cool (my mum-in-law also sing for SMALL FAN)

Tim chong chong, chong chong fei. Fei toe nai chee long.

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