Monday, June 29, 2009

Miracle Honey

Baby FAN developed a viral fever the past 2 weeks which lasted for almost 7 days...poor girl was really getting skinny. Her fever went up to 39.3 and we have to bring her to KKH for a blood test just to make sure she has not contacted H1N1 or other disease. On day 3 of her fever, I also developed fever. I started researching for natural fever cure and found it in So I quickly made a whole big bottle of honey and lemon water and just drank it like plain water. The honey works like miracle, my fever never went beyond 37.5 deg celsius and the fever went down on the second day and never came back. Then I started developing cough, so I started drinking Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey 3 times a day and my cough subsided in 3 days. Poor Baby FAN has runny nose and cough til today. I didn't dare to give her too much ACV & Honey as I wasn't sure if her small intestine could take it, but I'm giving her like half a teaspoon each day now, hopefully she will recover soon. By the way, with all these diseases in the house, my SMALL FAN seems to be doing fine and growing strong. I was thinking it could be due to the 2 teaspoons of honey mix with water that I gave him everyday. His persistent sinus cough has also seems to be under control now. So I guess Honey is just a wonderful miracle drug. 3 cheers to the bees for making such a wonderful product!

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