Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Boosting your kids immunity - Part IV

SMALL FAN stopped coughing for 2 weeks and now his cough is back. Went to see his doc the week before and doc suggested Antibiotic again. This time, both doc and myself decided to wait and see first before getting him on the med again. So he was on normal flu medicine for 1 week but still no effect and the phlegm seems to be getting more.

Desperate mommy then tried looking thru the net for soup or remedy for reducing phlegm and stumble upon this thread in one of the Motherhood website/forum and the following soup for reducing phlegm:

To clear phlegm:-

Yellow Pear + Rock Sugar + water
( cook in slow cooker about 4/5 hours - this will help to vomit out the phlegm)

To cure the cough and phlegm:-

Yellow Pear + Rock Sugar + Chuan Pei + Water
( cook in slow cooker about 4/5 hours, you need to filter out the chuan-pei)

To cure cough:-

pear + chuan1 pei4 + nan2 xing4 + bei3 xing4 + chen2 pi2 + hong2 zao3 + chicken (i use pork), boil 2 hours.

I tired making the yellow pear, rock sugar and chun pei soup for SMALL FAN and it seems to work, he seems to be coughing less. But he still vomit when he cough, I hoping is to get rid of the phelgm. I'm planning to let him drink the soup continuously for a few days and see if his condition will improve.

I also started him on Vitamin C with Zinc from Brand's Essence. Hopefully, it will help build up his immunity so he won't caught the flu virus so often. Why I chose Brand's? Because that is the only Vit C that I can find that contains Zinc and no preservatives and colouring. Many of the kids vitamin contain so much colouring and favourings and gelatin and stuff like that, not sure how it might affect the kid if they take the vitamin long term.

Incidentally, I was reading the Lifestyle magazine by NTUC and saw this advertisement on Goat's milk, say that it won't cause phlegm like cow's milk. So, I'm thinking of buying a bottle and let SMALL FAN try to see if he likes it. Maybe, it can help reduce his phlegm.

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Boringtazz said...

By the way, got another recipe from my Hubby's colleagues. It's suppose to help reduce phelgm also:

Green Apples + Dried Sweet Dates (mi4 zao3) (cook for 2 or 3 hours)


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