Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Weaning Baby FAN - Part III

Went to the internet and sign up a few baby milk powder companies to get free sample sfor Baby FAN to try as I'm thinking of weaning her off my breast soon. Dumex was quite generous, gave me a small can of Mamil Gold Step 2 and I sachet of Mamil Gold Step 4 (for my boy) and 2 sachets of Dumex Rice Cereal. Abbot sent me vouchers for me to purchase the milk powder instead. As for Mead Johnson send me an email and wanted me to give them my contact no as they can't reach me on my mobile, I have yet to get back to them.

So this week, I tried feeding Baby FAN dumex mamil gold step 2 in a cup, it's day 3 now, no allergy so far but she only manage to drink like 1.5 ounce. I wonder when can I increase her intake to the recommended amount of 8 ounce. Sigh... I'm getting worried now that if I stop breast feeding entirely, will she get starve or not enough milk. Wonder if there is any way to replace the milk through the food she eats like maybe those milk base cereal from Dumex, Nestle, Frisco etc.

Note: By the way, stumble upon this blog when I was searching for free milk powder samples Busy Mommy


Rise and Shine said...

When u say weaning, do you mean getting her on the bottle instead of latching on? Or do u mean stop giving her breast milk from a bottle?

I am still giving Alexius breastmilk from the bottle. And on top of my milk, I add NAN HA 2 into it. I've tried giving him other brands but he'll vomit after the feed. I have been toying with the idea of stopping the breastmilk but just couldn't do it cos there's still lots of goodness from it.

Gaby is also drinking my milk with his Pediasure. I think it helps is bowels cos he'll poo like 2 times a day and it's not hard poo.

Boringtazz said...

I'm thinking to stop giving her breast milk, she refuse to drink from a bottle, so all along I have been giving her the milk latching on. Agreed with you that there's a lot of goodness from the milk, so I'm a little hesitant to stop breastfeeding as I realise it keeps her away from those nasty virus that SMALL FAN has.

Ya, I also mix the breast milk into SMALL FAN's mamil gold and realised SMALL FAN's poo is not hard, it looks a little like those breast milk poo which is yellowish.

Surprisingly though, Baby FAN still don't poo everyday and it's getting quite hard, I wonder if she is constipated as she don't like to drink water. I think she basically dislike drinking watery stuff from either a bottle or a cup. So I'm not sure how can I get her to drink more.

Rise and Shine said...

i haven't started giving alex water yet. only been giving him milk. my dr has advised that it's better not to give any water yet cos if i do so, it'll make him full and he won't want to drink his milk or eat his porridge. maybe wait a few more months.

Boringtazz said...

I read from some books and internet that the later you introduce water to the baby, the more likely he/she will refuse drinking later...not sure how true is it though. As for Baby FAN, I have not idea how much milk she drinks since she just latch on, drink for 10 min and falls not sure if the water affect her appetite or not. But she loves her porridge, she can eat almost 3/4 adult size bowl per feed.

Rise and Shine said...

i'm not too worried about the kid not taking water at a later stage. perhaps can just give him milk when he is thirsty??

I think my alex is a small eater. he doesn't eat much though. i feed him about 5 table spoons full of porridge everyday. only once in the late afternoon like 4pm. tried to do it in the morning or like during lunch time but he will reject the feed.

last time he used to take in like 180ml of milk on his last feed around 8pm. which can last him till the next morning. but these few days, he will take a few small feeds and falls asleep during feeding.

oh, did u add in formula milk into the porridge for her? i am too lazy to go to the market to buy fish and pork to cook the soup base for the porridge. so every time,i'll add in 2 or 3 scoops of formula and some more rice cereal mix to make the porridge more nutritious and thicker. i personally think the porridge tastes yucky! but alex seems to like it a lot!

Boringtazz said...

Mmm, not a bad idea, maybe I can try adding formula milk into plain porridge. Yesterday I tried making those find cereal and added banana and formula milk to make it thicker but my Baby FAN refuse to eat and close her mouth shut after a few spoon. But when I serve her those cooked porridge, she just open up her mouth.


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