Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weaning Baby FAN

Baby FAN seams to be drinking less and less milk nowadays as she got so easily distracted by everything, his brother, the environment etc.... So, I started her on solid food when she hit 4 months old. Started her on commercially bought rice gruel but she doesn't seems to like it and will scream whenever I serve it to her. So, I tried serving her some warm porridge that I cooked for SMALL FAN and she loves it. Now, at 5 months, she took 2 porridge meals per day, each meal about 3 tablespoons...cool right. Check out my easy and tasty porridge recipe under my review section.

I have given up on introducing her to a milk bottle and am trying out giving her milk in a sippy cup. Today, I manage to serve her 1 oz of milk from the cup, although I think half of it flowing out from her mouth, but she seems to be more willing to drink from the cup. Am planning to serve her milk from the sippy cup inbetween each milk feed and see if I can slowly increase the amount of milk served and slowly wean her off my breast.

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