Monday, August 11, 2008

How to boost my kid's immunity?

SMALL FAN has been falling sick for one month plus already. Have this very bad phelgmy cough. He was on a course of antibiotic (Klacid) and was on the road to recovery when the cough came back again. Just brought him to see the doctor and the doctor said he develops brocholitis and need another course of antibiotic (Augmentin). Poor boy, have been taking so many drugs, I'm really worry what all these drugs will do to his health. But the doctor say, if he needs antibiotic, he will need to take it, otherwise the cough might develops into brochitis. Sigh....I'm at my wits end now, how can I boost his immunity such that he won't fall sick so easily.

Tried giving him powdered cordycep but he has been falling sick so often that I have to keep stopping the cordycep intake as I worried it might contradict with the English Medicine that he is taking, until the bottle of cordycep turns mouldy and I have to throw it away. I also tried giving him vitamin C with Echinea as well as mulitivitamin from GNC as well as Naturefarm but not sure if it's effective. Brought him to a Chinese Doctor before and she recommended building up his lung by giving him Herbal Soup (2 stick of good TungSheng, 6 Red Dates, A Spoon of Wolfberries, boil into soup and drink). Tried making him the soup a few times, but I think I need to keep continuing to see the effect. Poor boy is like my guinea pig, trying out different drugs....I'm really lost now how else can I boost his immunity...

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